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A message from Emma of Kids Yoga Flo

HI! I am Emma,  an Early Years and Primary School Teacher, with a passion for children's and family yoga.

I taught in Ealing Schools for 26 years before stepping out of the classroom and onto the yoga mat!

​ In 2020 I trained with Children's Yoga Tree  to become a  Children's Yoga Teacher (certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals). ​I have completed trainings in child, family yoga and yoga for children with additional needs.

In 2022 I took a massive leap of faith, stepping out of class teaching and into teaching children's yoga in schools and the community full time and I haven't looked back!

I hold an “updating” DBS,  am insured and have paediatric first aid training. I am based in Hanwell, Ealing and am available to work in primary schools offering "curriculum" yoga, after school clubs and well-being days.

I run very popular, twice monthly, Saturday morning sessions in Hanwell,  W7.

I can also  help your child celebrate their birthday with a "yoga party" and offer child and family yoga at festivals and special events!

 Hope to meet you soon ~ Emma 

P.S. All photos are shared with permission of the setting/family and are by  taken by myself, teachers or family members. They are non professional and reflect the true joy and enjoyment of the sessions. 

KidsYogaFlo in Nursery and Schools

Nursery, KS1 and KS2

The need for yoga and well being in schools has never been greater. Our children live in a very busy world where they often struggle to take time out. Teaching children how to relax and care for their body and mind is vital for their

well being. 

I can work with your school or nursery in a variety of ways. I can visit classes on a regular, weekly basis, instilling yoga/mindful movement into the ethos of your school. Children really look forward to these regular sessions. Behaviour, focus and self-regulation have certainly been seen to improve. 

I can also offer special workshops for events such as Children's Mental Health Week, Well-Being Days

and other special events to support well-being.
I have limited spaces to offer breakfast or after school clubs which are an excellent way to introduce yoga into your school. Let me help you start your Yoga offering today.

IMG_0859 (1)_edited.jpg

Nursery and EYFS Classes

My Nursery and EYFS sessions run for around 20-30 minutes and are planned around nursery rhymes, songs and familiar simple stories.

We cover many areas of the EYFS curriculum in the sessions, in particular; L&C, PSE and of course Physical skills.

We use props such as scarves, yoga blocks and natural objects to make the sessions fun and engaging for the children. The props particularly support children who are learning English as an additional language.

Three Bridges Primary School & Nursery, Southall 

"Emma has built strong relationships with my class. The children in my class look forward to mindful movement each week and always talk about it afterwards. 

Emma is very good at linking what we are doing in our classroom with her session to aid engagement across the curriculum and ensure that the mindful movement is relaxing, engaging and relevant to their learning! 

 Emma's mindful movement sessions have become a valuable part of our weekly provision.” 


KS1 Classes

My KS1 Classes are  planned around well loved stories and themes such as emotions, friendship,

strength and well-being.


These sessions are slightly longer at 30 - 40 minutes. The sessions focus on building strength, balance, breath work, more challenging yoga poses and of course relaxation. 

We use props to encourage engagement,  balance and we introduce partner work.


Year One Teacher

Lycee Francais Malraux

"We really like how you associate yoga poses with animals, the children love it! We love the relaxation time, team building and props".


KS2 Classes

My KS2 classes last around 40 minutes.  Children at this age tend to have more stamina and ability to remain focused and engaged for longer periods of time. 


These sessions are often planned around a  physical theme or skill such as balance, poise, strength or flexibility. We also focus on well-being such as emotions, community, self-regulation and mindfulness.  Ending the session with relaxation or simple meditation. We continue to incorporate partner and group work into this age group. 

West Acton Primary School ~ Year 5

"Emma provided the opportunity for my class to experience something out of the ordinary which boosted their confidence. The yoga poses challenged them which they enjoyed and were left feeling more relaxed. Thank you for providing sessions for our entire school for Children's mental health week."

Kids Yoga Flo on a Saturday

 in Hanwell W7


6-11 year old sessions

I lead lively, inclusive and engaging session for 6-11 year olds. These focus on building strength, coordination, balance and poise and require a certain level of focus and attention. In these sessions we begin to learn more demanding yoga poses or flows including sun-salutations. We also practice in pairs and as a whole class building trust and a sense of  community.  These sessions are for children who wish to learn more about yoga and are keen to develop their focus and relaxation skills. 

Parent/Carer and Child (3-5 years)

2X a month, on a Saturday I run my popular parent/carer and child sessions for 3-5 year olds!

These are relaxed and  energetic sessions, exactly what children of this age need! I start  with a story (giving the adults a chance to relax and stretch). Next we enjoy a fun yoga session, planned around simple and inclusive poses based around the story or theme. Finally we finish  with relaxation and another story.

These session are the prefect start to the weekend. Parent/carers having fun with their children, whilst learning simple yoga poses, breathwork and self-regulation.  

KidsYogaFlo for children with SEND and additional needs

In my role as a class teacher over  26 years I  taught children in my classes with a range of additional and special needs. I have had the opportunity to work alongside experienced O.T professionals and SEND experts. I have also received in-depth training in how to make my teaching and learning accessible for children with ADD, ADHD,  children with selective mutism,  anxiety and other additional needs. In addition I have undergone specific training for teaching yoga to children with additional needs. I strive to make my sessions accessible for all. I ask all teachers and  parents if their child or children has any additional needs so that I can cater for their needs in my classes.  However,  there are times when 1:1 or smaller group sessions are more suitable for a child to fully engage and enjoy yoga. ​ My aim is to make ensure my sessions are fun, relaxing and safe for all the children practicing with me,



Ealing School SEND Lead "I am so impressed with these yoga classes!  Each child regardless of their needs or ability was able to access the class with the support of visual resources and wonderful instruction from Emma.  The classes are inclusive for all and Emma is a calming presence, which is reflected in the practice. Seeing each child engaged and motivated to join in, visibly relaxed and having fun is a joy to behold. I cannot recommend  Emma and Kids Yoga Flo highly enough."​

Parent of child with additional  "My daughter absolutely loves your classes; she can barely wait from week to week!  She has attended the weekly KidsYogaFlo class over the past year. Before the first class, Emma and I discussed my daughter’s specific social, emotional and physical challenges and I felt assured that she would be in safe hands with Emma’s experience and understanding. We have continued this dialogue, and my daughter has grown in strength and confidence. Emma has created a really enjoyable class that is welcoming to children with different needs."

Yoga Stories

I am passionate about children's books and love to use stories to engage children in yoga.     I work closely with education settings to write yoga stories to support themes, topics and interests being followed in nurseries and schools. I also plan my sessions around the seasons and bring cultural celebrations and nature to my classes. Here are just a few of my favorite themes we have enjoyed practicing yoga to!

Kids Yoga Flo 1:1     

 small group & family sessions


These intimate sessions are a perfect way to spend some quality time with your child or children. We can plan the sessions to incorporate specific themes/interests, help build particular skills or just go with the flow!

I have a small studio at the bottom of my garden. This is perfect place to enjoy 1:1, family sessions (up to 4 members)

 or a small group of friends. The studio is light, airy and also has heating. Sessions can planned around  specific needs or interests.

These small, private sessions are just wonderful and can help families bond, work together or just enjoy some yoga time together and offer lovely time and space to relax and take time out.

Kids Yoga Flo Special  and Charity Events

 I am available to book for special events such as fetes, festivals, charity events and well-being days. I love to support small local charities so please contact me if you feel I can help.​

Hanwell Community Library, 

 "Emma has led several voluntary KidsYogaFlo sessions for Hanwell Community Library and we could not recommend her more highly!All sessions Emma has held at the Library have been fully booked and it is clear that both the children and the parents have an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Emma is a pleasure to work with and we would not hesitate to welcome her back to our Library again! 

Kids Yoga Flo Parties!

I am delighted to be able to offer kids yoga flo parties! I can help your child celebrate their birthday in the YOGA way! I will lead 1 hour of mindful games and  yoga based activities. This can be for a small group of 8-10 children or a maximum of 15. I can also provide mindful party favours at an additional cost. 

Kids Yoga Flo Party Review

"So pleased we chose to have our daughter's 9th birthday party organised by Kids Yoga Flo Party by Emma. She handled everything (apart from food) and took the pressure off of us!  The yoga sessions were fun and engaging, all of my daughter's friends loved it. It was great we were able to choose our own theme which made it very personal. Emma made our daughter feel very special, thank you for a fantastic experience, we would definitely recommend!"

 Tracey from Northfields, Ealing


I love to collaborate with like minded people and companies.........


Maddalena and Marco 5

My son loves Emma's yoga, it's the only activity he goes happily to! Emma's classes are inclusive, with no pressure for the kids or parents. They are a great start to the weekend and a lovely time spent nurturing my bond with my son away from daily distractions.

Harriet - Imogen's mum

I started taking my three year old to these sessions for some special big girl time as she is an older sibling and she absolutely loves them! The fact that the sessions are rooted in a story and theme makes the children so invested in them. The sessions are relaxed and fun. Emma is incredible with the little ones and they are always desperate their thoughts or new skills with her!

Mrs Bryce - Selborne Primary School 

Emma has been teaching yoga in Nursery and Reception for the past year. The children have really enjoyed the sessions and have grown in confidence and focus. She has adapted her sessions to fit around our weekly learning which has been fantastic. The children enjoy the poses, the music and the selection of resources she brings including scarves, yoga blocks and natural resources. They enjoy the calm atmosphere and relaxation.


Lucy W13

We've been attending Emma's yoga for over a year and we thoroughly enjoy the sessions. We find it a relaxing and enjoyable way to start the weekend for my daughter, husband or myself as we take it in turns to attend. Emma goes out of her way to make you feel welcome and included. My daughter loves the stories and is so excited to practice her yoga at home

Trisha Old Hanwell

My children have been attending Emma's classes for over a year. The classes are really welcoming and Emma is excellent at engaging the children. Emma provides a good balance of energetic movement and takes time to help the children relax and calm down at the end of the session. This is my favourite part as I also get tome to relax. Emma's training and expertise in education means she is also familiar and supportive of children with additional needs

Ana VS 

My son is 6 and has been practicing yoga with Emma for over a year. He absolutely loves the sessions, the poses, the games, the eye pillows, music and relaxation. He is a very active little boy and Emma works superbly with him. From all the activities he has ever tried, yoga is his favourite and I believe that's down to Emma's enthusiasm and expertise.

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